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Let’s redefine the desired areas in your home into beautifully transformed and memorable spaces!



I believe that every home should be one of peace and serenity. After moving into a new home myself, I found joy in bringing spaces to life with modern and contemporary pieces. As my love for creating continued to grow, I aspired to expand my flair and expertise outside of my own walls, as to where my story all began. Having a passion and a purpose in life is something that I have always aspired to obtain. Fortunately, I have been able to attain both goals through the beauty of design and interior décor. With a background as a Psychotherapist, I have committed myself to assisting in the transforming of one’s life by helping others seek solace and effective solutions in times of need.

As a self- taught Interior designer who has decided to turn my passion for décor into my own design firm, I now find fulfillment in aiding others in transforming their house into a beautiful home. The passion that I have for bringing beauty to life, creating eclectic and unforeseen spaces, and modifying design based on my client’s style and budget, is demonstrated within each project given. I truly believe that one’s space should be that of relaxation, comfort, and luxury created by the aspirations of each of my client’s.


My desire is to work closely with my client’s in order to turn their visions into reality. I gather inspiration from a variety of finishes, textiles, art, and accessory pieces that I believe can turn a mediocre space into one of style and sophistication. Whether your taste is that of more traditional or modern, I will work with your budget to accommodate and achieve the look you aspire to obtain in order to meet your unique style and functionality needs.


In homage to my beautiful girls Alivia and Averi Laine...who made our house, into a home.

thank you

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